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Modern conditions of effective animal husbandry create severe requirements to microclimate parameters, which are of great importance for livability and high productivity of livestock. Often due to unsatisfactory zoo hygienic conditions potential productivity of animals is used only by 20-30%, the percent of morbidity in the herd increases. The optimal microclimate in the commercial production of livestock is important factor for manufacture of high quality products. Besides it has significant importance for better working conditions for staff. 

Creation of optimal microclimate is impossible without modern zoo hygiene products. Their regular application ensures to remove unwanted moisture from air, reduce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentration, decrease bacterial count, scare insects. Environmental friendliness and safety for person and animals are obligatory requirements for such products.

Modern hygienic absorbing and deodorating remedy for optimization of microclimate parameters of livestock houses named as Adamant fully conforms to all listed requirements.  Adamant is an innovative development of scientists and specialists of Biocom Ltd. company. Hygienic bedding powder is a complex of minerals, which possess high absorbing and retaining capacity. Contained in the product natural essential oils have bacteriostatic and fungicide properties and also scare insects. Specially selected strains of microorganisms process ammonia that reduces its containing in the air. 

With the aim of assessment of efficiency of desiccant litter named as Adamant it was conducted a trial under the conditions of commercial dairy farm. Daily in one barn, which was as a premise for control study, it was used sawdust as a litter material for animals. In the other barn, where an experimental study was conducted, Adamant was used as the litter material at the rate of 100-200 g / sq.m, with the frequency of once every three days. Also it was recommended to apply Adamant in places of the most probable animal injuries (slippery floor), places of moisture accumulation, to conduct dry foot baths for cows. During trials the following parameters were controlled: air humidity, premises temperature, concentration of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, total bacterial count, contamination with staphylococci, streptococci, spores of mold fungi, number of animal with mastitis.

The high absorbing capacity of Adamant (more than ten thousand porous cells per 1 mm2) makes it easy to capture and bind gases from the air (Table 1).

Due to the high hygroscopicity and retention capacity of amorphous silica, containing in Adamant, humidity in livestock premises decreased by 15% (Fig. 2).


Essential oils containing in the optimal ratio and concentration allows to deodorize animal houses, to neutralize unpleasant odors and to create freshness atmosphere, and also reduces concentration of pathogenic microorganisms and opportunistic pathogens, which are one of the cause mastitis development of cows (Tables 2, 3).

Thus, Adamant regular use reduces reliably the concentration of harmful bacteria and spores of fungi, which leads to the risk reduction of mastitis development of animals and allows to obtain higher quality milk in the result of somatic bodies decreasing. Moreover, Adamant application in livestock houses creates comfortable microclimate conditions for animals and humans with pleasant odor of essential oils, without allergic reactions or irritation of skin and respiratory tract. Adamant application reduces the likelihood of animal injury on a slippery floor, the laminitis development of cows, and also allows more rarely use bedding material. Also this remedy can be as a prophylactic element of bronchitis of calves. In total all of this provides high economic efficiency and profitability of Adamant application.

Veterinary physician
Dmitry Voloshin



100% natural product is a complex of minerals and essential oils, which possess high absorbing and retaining capacity.