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FeedPower - absolute strength of vitamins


Over the past few decades in Belarus as in other world countries new poultry crosses are appeared which have the property of body weight increase or possess high egg-laying capacity. However, for the implementation of their genetic potential it is needed a full source of biologically active substances, especially vitamins, microelements and amino acids. The enrichment of the diet only by the means of premixes does not completely solve given problem.

For this there are a variety of reasons which can be divided into two groups: the technologic and physiologic ones.

To technologic reasons influencing on the premix quality it can be referred:

  • inhomogeneity of mixture in the case of blending time non-compliance or mismatch of components according to the structure and size of particles.

  • the chemical interaction – in the process of storage vitamins, amino acids and mineral components inevitably react each other reducing the biological activity. 

  • the thermal influence to which the premix or the compound feed are exposed, for example, during the pelletizing, leads to the destruction of many vitamins

Among the physiological reasons which are responsible for lack of premix efficacy, it can be marked malassimilation of vitamins, especially fat-soluble ones. In young poultry it is associated with the inferior bile production and the active lipase formation. The uptake function is also poorly developed, and begins to form only from 7-10 days of the chicken life, and achieve physiological limit of the vitamin absorption by 25-30 days. Moreover active adoption of various nutrients takes place only under the developed structure of microvilli of the gut lining.

The adequate and modern solution which makes possible to provide the vitamins absorption is the application of technology where fat-soluble vitamins are dissolved in water. Simultaneously the presence of modifying components provides a high degree of active substances bioavailability in the bird body.

This approach was put at the heart of the development of an innovative water-soluble feed additive for poultry FeedPower by specialists of Biocom Ltd. Company.

FeedPower contains fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, K in the water-soluble form, chelated compounds of zinc, copper and manganese, organic selenium, essential amino acids (lysine and threonine) and also prebiotics and energy components.

Vitamins А and Е together with organic selenium ensure the antioxidant defence of the body. Vitamin D3 activates gut absorption of calcium and phosphorus and provides the strength of bone tissue and eggshell. Vitamin K keeps the normal blood clotting ability. Vitamins of the group B are included in the composition of enzymes which ensure metabolism.

Chelated compounds of zinc, copper and manganese possess high bioavailability and improve activity of endocrine and enzymatic system preventing the bone deformation, decrease of egg laying capacity, weakening of eggshell, and also anemia and dermatosis development.

Lysine and threonine (in a special available by 98% form) promote skeletal muscles growth, synthesis of digestive enzymes, the natural resistance of the body, reduction of the feed conversion ratio

Prebiotics stimulate development of symbiotic microflora that creates conditions for good functioning of digestive system of poultry and high feed conversion.

Mono- and polysaccharides are source of easily accessible energy, regulate intestinal motility, provide conditions for development of the normal flora of the intestine.

The high effectiveness of FeedPower application has been proved by various studies which were carried out on the poultry farms of the Republic of Belarus. In trial groups of broiler chickens (n=100), which received the feed additive FeedPower to the diet, on the basis of 250 g per t of water, it is statistically - valid that the body weight gain increased by 6,8%, bird livability enhanced by 2 %, feed conversion ratio decreased by 5,7 % (picture 1-2).

FeedPower usage in the diet of laying hens (n=500), on the basis of 500 g per 1000 L of water, makes possible to increase egg laying capacity by 18 % and egg weight by 5 % under the feed costs reduction by1,7 % (picture 3).

Results of production trials were fully confirmed during the actual usage of the water-soluble additive "FeedPower", and its application became a reasonable and needful remedy for the implementation of the genetic potential of poultry.

Veterinary physician
Dmitry Voloshin



Prophylactic water-soluble feed additive for poultry.