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Really necessary support of pigs in critical reproduction periods


Current effective pig breeding cannot be imagined without active usage of animal genetic resources.  The main task, which the genetics is intended to solve, in this case, is to get as much as possible high quality products with minimal resource expenses. Due to success of the modern science, nowadays one sow can bring more than 30 piglets per year.    

How is it possible to develop the genetic potential of animals? - It is real only ensuring complete feeding. But the complete feeding of sows connected directly with providing of animals by mineral substances and vitamins.  

The main function of vitamins and microelements is to regulate biochemical processes because they work as biocatalysts. Especially their role increases in the "critical reproduction periods", i.e. in the first days after insemination, in the farrowing period, in the weaning period, during stress and disease. For example, a week before farrowing vitamins and minerals not only strengthen general condition of sows but form store for growth and livability of new born piglets. Concentration of vitamin E in colostrum and milk increases during its additional introduction into the feed for sows. The result of this influence is the immunity improvement of piglets and decrease of cases of metritis-mastitis-agalactia syndrome.

When iron is added to the sow feed at the end of gestation its part is deposited in the piglet liver. This is iron which piglets use from five day of life. Containing of vitamins A, E, zinc and selenium in the sow diet stimulate the estrogen synthesis and improve the activity of ovaries in the period of weaning. In the result sows more active come in heat, embryo numbers are increased. Optimal containing of manganese in the sow feed makes possible to avoid disturbances of systematic sexual cycles and increases significantly number of coming in heat sows.

Folic acid is a particular important element for body metabolism. It is involved in the formation of red and white blood cells, and with its deficiency can develop anemia. Besides folic acid (together with B12, zinc and selenium) stimulates the production of uterus prostaglandins which are responsible for the attachment of embryos to the uterus endometrium.  Application of folic acid enables to decrease the death rate of embryos in the gestation period and enhance the piglet weight at birth.

In the period of disease and stress necessity in vitamins and microelements is greatly increased due to general reduction of the nutrient intake of feed and as a result growth of the body need in vitamins and minerals for improvement of the immune response. Chelated forms of zinc, copper and manganese as well as complex containing of highly digestible vitamins have a positive impact on the endocrine system providing high percent of coming in heat of replacement gilts.

Organic selenium and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that promote spermatogenesis and increase the fertilizing ability of boar spermatozoa.

Source of vital nutrients, which reduce number of diseases connected with metabolism disturbances, promote rapid weight gain and good condition of health, is critically important for fattening piglets.    

Taking into account holistically all above mentioned facts, Biocom company developed UltraLin feed additive with a special balanced composition that intended to maintain body of sows, boars and piglets which are in "critical production periods". New product allows to provide healthy and harmonious activity of all body systems, thus developing the genetic potential of animals.  Results of conducted scientific and production trials point not only at production but also at economic efficiency of UltraLin feed additive application. 

About results of scientific-production trials you can read in the article "UltraLin – develop the genetic potential of sows".

Vyacheslav Yakimchik
Biocom Ltd. technologist 



Feed additive for pigs in critical production periods.

UltraLin - development of the genetic potential of sows

UltraLin enables to enhance effectively reproductive indicators of sows, boars and gilts, strengthen viability of newborn piglets, increase their weight gain and development.