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UltraLin - development of the genetic potential of sows


The feed additive UltraLin developed by Biocom company is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, maintaining body of sows, boars and piglets in the "critical production periods".

UltraLin contains vitamins, amino acids and microelements in the chelated form. As known, these are chelated forms of microelements which possess excellent bioavailability and high bioactivity in the animal body. The composition and the ratio of product components enable to enhance effectively reproductive indicators of sows, boars and gilts, strengthen viability of newborn piglets, increase their weight gain and development.

UltraLin is used on the basis of 30 g per head/day by mixing with the basic feed. Sows are given during 5 days before farrowing, during 5 days in the weaning period and from 5 till 10 day after insemination.

UltraLin is also recommended to use for replacement gilts – 30 g per head during 5 days every 3 week till the first week of gestation. This scheme promotes stimulation of the ovarian activity of gilts, as a result of which their reproductive qualities is significantly improved. During the feed additive application in boars quantity and quality of sperm is enormously enhanced. It is applied at a dose of 30 g per animal during 5 days every 3 week.  

In order to study the effectiveness of UltraLin application for sows it was conducted  the scientific and production trial with the alternative product on the basis of the pig breeding complex named as "Andreevci"(Unitary production enterprise Smorgon plant of bread production) (table 1). The trial was carried out in different technological animals groups: sows in pig before farrowing, sows in milk in the weaning period and potentially sows in pig in the first days after insemination. Additives are used according to the scheme recommended by producers. Sows in pig are given UltraLin additive during 5 days before farrowing, sows in milk - 3 days before weaning and 2 days after weaning, potentially sows in pig – from 5 till 10 day after insemination. The dosage of the product in all cases was the same – 30 g per head/day. The main purpose of UltraLin in different reproduction periods of sows is saving of extra piglets.

Table 1. Results of the scientific – production trial concerning determination of UltraLin effectiveness in sows.


Trial group

60 heads

Control group

60 heads

Difference +,-

 Number of healthy piglets (heads)




 Prolificacy per one sow (heads)




 Conception rate (%)




 Come in heat till 7 day (%)




In the result of trial due to UltraLin application 27 extra piglets were obtained (at the average 0,45 of healthy piglet per one sow). It is important that sows become better to come in heat, their conception rate is increased by 2,5%.  

The obtained results confirm economic efficiency of new feed additive application.  Thus, during the scientific and production trial, 450 gram of UltraLin at the sum of 10 rubles 21 kopecks were used per one sow. If it is calculated that the piglet at birth costs 54 rubles 60 kopecks, then the additional products at the sum of 24 rubles 57 kopecks per one sow were received. Therefore, expenditures for the feed additive are paid off more than 2 times only due to the obtaining of an extra healthy piglet.

Besides that, application of UltraLin feed additive allowed to increase conception rate and decrease the service period of sows, and it means more effective usage of their genetic potential.  

Next scientific-production trial was conducted in the Center for selection and genetics in pig breeding named as "Grodno breeding enterprise". Tests were carried out on boars of the imported breeding. UltraLin feed additive is given to 39 boars of one section on the basis of 30 g per head/day to the basic diet. Results of trial are demonstrated in the table 2:  

Table 2. Indicators of boar sperm production based on the trial. 

Indicator name


Control group

Trial group


















In the result of the experiment on boars it was identified that quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm production are improved in the trial group. 

Scientific-production trials made it clear that the integrated approach to the task solution, underlying in the product, concerning providing needs of pig replacement stock in mineral substances and vitamins, allows to obtain a complex production result and the real economic effect.    

Vyacheslav Yakimchik
Biocom Ltd. technologist



Feed additive for pigs in critical production periods.

Really necessary support of pigs in critical reproduction periods

The complete feeding of sows connected directly with providing of animals by mineral substances and vitamins.