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social responsibility

As successful modern company "Biocom" seek to contribute to conditions creation not only for sustainable development its enterprise, but for wellbeing society in whole.

Its adherence to the principle of social responsibility "Biocom" confirms both products quality and business process, and support of employees and their families, various events and organizations.

Main priorities of Biocom in this sphere are:

1. Social protectability and rise of level of employees' competence.

Effective work of employees is the main success guarantee of company, so Biocom creates as much as possible favourable conditions for staff's work.

Personnel strategy provides formation of administrative potential in all organization departments, trainings and involvement experienced personnel.

Biocom provides worthy just remuneration, stimulation and development of employees, acknowledgement and respect of deserts, concession of possibilities of professional and personal growth.

2. Charity

Biocom Ltd. always finds possibility to dole both some individuals and some organizations – state financed and public.

The Company invests means in the urban infrastructure, culture, education, medicine and sport, stimulating positive changes in the society.

Supporting sporting hockey team "Neman" and team of mini-football "Biocom-Razdol'e", Biocom Ltd. contribute to development of professional sport in the territory of Republic of Belarus.

Assisting Orthodox Convent in Grodno and Orthodox Seminary in Zhirovitsy, our Company contributes some building block to spiritual renovation of Belorussian nation.

Investing schools and higher educational establishments of Grodno, Biocom Ltd. participates in strengthening intellectual potential of city, opens new horizons for schoolchildren and students in the future professional realization.

3. Environmental safety of manufacture and concern for environment.

Biocom Ltd. gives great consideration to thrifty and careful of natural resources.

In the manufacture have been applied nature-conservative and environmentally safe technological processes, which provide safety and stability of environment.

Company's environmental service carries out the testing chore of manufacture, provided application of energy and resource-saving technologies.