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information about the plant

The industrial complex of the Company includes four factories:

- the plant for production of feed additives and milk replacers for farm animals
- grain drying plant, which aimed to filtration, classification and drying of grain
- the shop for production of biological inoculants and feed additives
- the plant for production of feed additives and concentrates for farm animals

The plants of the Company Biocom in producing milk replacer and feed supplements for farm livestock provides the output of home innovative products of high quality: milk replacer for calves and pigs, skimmed milk powder replacers for farm livestock, the concentrates for production of milk replacers, concentrates for production of feed additives.

The plant operates within Duty Free Economic Zone "GrodnoInvest" and at the present moment there are no analogs to the existing production among CIS countries. The production technology makes possible to produce unique polycomponents products with maximal level of homogeinity and to get well-balanced  mixtures with optimal content of each ingredient and carry out claims for  unique products, meant for  individual needs of particular farm units.  The Belgian automatic filling line has been packing till 10 tones of finished products an hour and the production output can reach up to 70 thousands tones per year.

The grain drying plant, which aimed to postharvest line processing (filtration, classification and drying) of grains, legumes, oil and other crops with bringing them to basal conditions was put into operation in 2012. The major equipment productivity is 100 tones per hour; plants are adapted for storage of 20 000 tones of grain, provided an opportunity to volume the enlargement till 45 000 tones.

A unique feature of the grain drying plant is a full automation of its production process and an application of advanced technologies of postharvest line processing and grain storage.

The shop for production of biological inoculants and feed additives produces biological inoculants of high-quality applied in forage preparation (silage and rolled grain) and specialized natural feed additives which increase efficiency of farm livestock and poultry breeding. The shop productivity is 1 000 kg of end-product per day.

Biological inoculants of Biocom Ltd. contain unique strains of lactic acid bacteria that improve the quality of silage and preserve the nutritional properties of raw materials. Each strain regulates and improves fermentation in general. The laboratory researches confirmed the high efficiency of the inoculants in the growth reduction of various yeast and fungi  strains.

The highly effective feed additives developed by specialists of the Biocom Company provide a diet balance, improve eating of the main forage and provide a prevention of diseases connected with a metabolism.

The plant for production of feed additives and concentrates for farm animals is equipped with the most modern German equipment which affords the production of hygienic properly structured homogeneous feed with maximum nutrients digestibility.

The accredited manufacturing laboratory provides realization of research of all chemical-technologic factors. Calculation of products receipts are carried out on the basis of foreign advanced scientific developments and effective experience in the field of feeding farming animals and deceases prevention.