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company history

The Company Biocom Ltd. has been started its activity in 1992. Today Biocom Ltd. is a leading supplier of innovative veterinary and zootechnical products which are both home and foreign manufactured to the Belarussian agricultural market.

The most important work principles of Biocom Ltd. is a high quality and absolute products safety, high requirements for level of customer service, the innovative production and quick reaction to requests of agro-industrial industry.

Since 2008 the Company has been performed an own production of the most important import-replacer products that are milk replacer and feed supplements for farm livestock.

Building of the grain drying plant, which aimed to filtration, classification and drying of grain has been finished in 2011. The productivity of complex is 54 t/h, it is adapted for storage of 20 000 tones of grain, provided an opportunity an volume enlargement till 45 000 tones.

The plant Biocom is innovative equipped and its technical level has not analogues in the countries of CIS.

The plant works in nonstop regime as manufactured products are in demand and supplied to majority units of agricultural production and to milk plant of all regions of Republic of Belarus.

The Company carries out direct suppliers to more than 700 country's enterprises: large animal husbandry complexes, poultry farm, plants of cereal products and dairy plant. The own car park provides the Just on Line of products.

Absolutely value of the Company is a staff, which consists of more than 160 qualified employees. This is highly skilled veterinarians, zootechnicians, managers and economists with a great experience and an intimate special knowledge.

During Biocom's work gain a great scientific and practice experience, and is ready to share experience with specialists republic agro-industrial complex within their trainings and seminars, in which have taken part both home and foreign experts in the field of agriculture.

Important work direction Biocom Ltd. is consulting in the sphere of veterinary and zootechnics.

The Company's consultants help clients to solve industrial problems in feeding, health support and livestock management, adopt optimal solutions and achieve maximal productivity.

The leading position oblige Biocom has not stopped upon obtained results.

The Company has enlarged active productive capacity and proposed Belorussian agrarians new effective products and innovative technologies.

It is high products and service quality which are the main criterion of Biocom's work.