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25 kg in multilayer paper bag.


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


Product composition

 Dairy Products


 Oilseed and legumes processing products

 not less than 10%

 Vegetable fat, premix, incl. Multi-Protect Formula+


Multi-Protect Formula + 
The optimal combination of natural ingredients.
Probiotic complex:
- limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
- decreases the risk of diarrhea;
- strengthens the immunity.

Organic acids:
- decrease the pH value of the stomach and intestine;
- maintain favorable conditions for the growth of beneficial microflora;
- stimulate secretion of digestive ferments.

Combination of poly-unsaturated fatty acids:
- prevents cardio-vascular diseases;
- increases weight gain;
- strengthens the immunity.

Substances to improve metabolism:
- increase energy metabolism;
- prevent stress;
- increase average daily weight gain.

Composition per kg of Biomilk-P powder

Metabolizable energy, MJ 17                        Vitamin K3, mg 6                               
Dry matter, % 93 Vitamin B1, mg 16
Crude protein, % 18,5 Vitamin B2, mg 10
Crude fat, % 16,5 Vitamin B3, mg 23
Crude fiber, % 0,1 Betaine, mg 160
Crude ashes, % 3,5 Vitamin B5, mg 50
Lactose, % 38 Vitamin B6, mg 8
Lysine, % 1,56 Vitamin B12, mg 0,04
Methionine, % 0,53 Vitamin C, mg 120
Methionine + Cystine, % 0,85 Iron, mg 100
Threonine, % 1,1 Copper, mg 30
Tryptophan, % 0,3 Zinc, mg 100
Calcium, % 0,9 Manganese, mg 25
Phosphorus, % 0,7 Cobalt, mg 1
Vitamin A, IU 55 000 Iodine, mg 0,25
Vitamin D3, IU 9 500 Selenium, mg 0,2
Vitamin E, mg 80    


Recommendations for use:

Whole milk replacer for piglets from 5th days old.
- Basis – dairy components
- To be given to piglets 5 days old and up to weaning age as a supplement to sow milk
- Highly digestible
- Highly cost effective


Biomilk – P is recommended to be fed in the following cases:
Low milking capacity of sows – the milk replacer can be used as an additional source of nutrients and energy. Dilution 1:8.
Unexpected mortality of sows – Biomilk-P can replace the sow's milk. Dilution 1:5;
Insufficient growth rate of suckling pigs and during fattening. Dilution 1:8.
In case of sow mortality the frequency of feeding is  6-8 times a day, in other cases – 3-4 times.

Preparation for feeding:
Prepare 2/3 of warm water (55-60 °С) of the required amount.
Add Biomilk-P and stir till complete dissolution of the product.
Add 1/3 of cold water. As a result it is obtained a homogeneous mixture at temperature not less than 38 °С.
Before feeding the trough must be cleaned.
Feed Biomilk-P immediately after preparation of the milk replacer.