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500 g metallized polypropylene film bag.


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


FeedPower – prophylactic water-soluble feed additive for poultry, is a complex of biologically active sub-stances, macro- and microelements, chelated microelements, energy substrates, which are matched in a special ratio.

Appearance of feed additive is a light yellow, water-soluble, homogeneous powder.

Biological properties of FeedPower:

Balanced composition of vitamins, macro- and microelements, amino acids prevents development of avitaminosis, hypovitaminosis and other metabolic diseases associated with the lack of these substances.

Vitamins А, Е and Selenium are necessary for good growth and reproduction and also for receiving of high quality products.

Vitamin D3 activates intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus and provides strength of bone tissue and egg shell.

Vitamin К3 – or antihemorrhagic vitamin,  that  is  needed  for  maintenance of  good   blood coagulation    of poultry.

B Vitamins (В1, В2, В3, B4, В6, В9, В12) – take part in oxidation-reduction processes and protein, fat and carbohydrates metabolism, are part of enzymes which accelerate numerous biochemical reactions in cells of animal body, provide rapid growth and development of poultry, increase egg production.

Chelated compounds of Zn, Cu, Mn possess high bioavailability and promote development of bone and connective tissue, improve activity of endocrine and enzymatic system.

Vegetable fats (linoleic acid) are essential to the lipid metabolism, embryonic development, formation of reproductive function, immune responses of organism.

Prebiotics stimulate development of symbiotic microflora that creates conditions for good functioning of di-gestive system of poultry and high feed conversion.

Mono- and polysaccharides are source of easily accessible energy, regulate intestinal motility, provide con-ditions for development of the normal flora of the intestine.

FeedPower does not contain genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, flavors and other substances that limit sale of the obtained meat or egg products.

Recommendations for use:

FeedPower is used for prevention of metabolic diseases and in the critical periods (transportation, vaccination and etc.).


FeedPower - is dissolved in water and given through the general drinking system, on the basis of:

for broiler chickens - 250 g per t of water;

for laying hens - 250-500 g per t of water.

Mother solution is prepared by dissolution of the package content in 5-6 L of warm water. Small quantity of precipitation is allowed.


FeedPower - absolute strength of vitamins

Application of FeedPower became a reasonable and needful remedy for the implementation of the genetic potential of poultry.