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25 kg in multilayer paper bag.


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


This product contains ideal proportion of rumen digestible and rumen protected protein, dairy products, prebiotic, probiotic, vegetable essential oils, milk sugar (lactose), buffer-deoxidizing agent, macro-, microelements and vitamins which are extremely needed for support of healthy growth during the first months of calf life. Basic quality indicators of specialized granulated feed concentrate are: 
- Metabolizable energy - 13,0 МJ/kg
- Crude protein - 35,0 %
- Crude fat - 2,9 %
- Crude fiber - 4,2% 
- Ca - 1,7 %
- P - 1,0%
- NaCl - 0,5%
- Mg - 0,28%
- S - 0,64%

- Vitamin А – 11 000 IU/kg
- Vitamin D3 – 1 100 IU/kg
- Vitamin Е - 137,5 mg/kg
- Cu – 30 mg/kg
- Mn – 115 mg/kg
- Zn – 115 mg/kg
- Fe – 142 mg/kg
- Co - 0,3 mg/kg
- J - 0,8 mg/kg
- Se - 0,9 mg/kg

Recommendations for use:

Usage of Granufeed in combination with grain provides faster transition to dry feeds eating and increases average daily weight gain in the first months of rearing. Such scheme ensures an optimal growth schedule of replacement and fattening of young stock. Further, it enables to get high-producing animal and to develop entirely its genetic potential.
High containing of rumen protected protein – above 50 % of the containing protein is rumen protected, that enables to reduce ammonia formation in rumen, decrease pressure on liver, accelerate absorption of amino acids in organism and as a result to boost average daily weight gain of calves.
Containing of dairy products (10%) makes possible to get animal used to eat prestarter and provide more smooth transition from milk feeding to vegetable feeds.
Containing of buffer-deoxidizing agents provides stability of rumen pH that enables to boost cellulose-fermenting bacteria growth in rumen, enhance digestion of forage (silage, haylage, hay), increase feed palatability and average daily weight gain.
Containing of prebiotics enables to stabilize intestine microflora, suppress growth of pathogenic Escherichia that reduce incidences of calf diarrhea.
Containing of probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis strain DSM 5750 and Bacillus licheniformis strain DSM 5749 stimulates enzymatic processes in the intestine and increases the natural resistance of the animal organism by the specific activity of spore formers, which recover beneficial microflora in the intestine.
Containing of mixture of essential oils improves the taste of feed, which increases its palatability. The essential oils have disinfecting effect on the digestive tract, promote secretion of digestive glands, what improve the digestibility and protect the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract from the effects of pathogens and their toxins.
Containing of milk sugar (lactose) provides high palatability of mixture because of taste (like milk). Also lactose is high digestible carbohydrate which is needed for support of high animal's activity. Balance of vitamins A, D, E and macro-, microelements adjusted for the latest nutrition norms in the USA (NRC), France (INRA) and the Netherlands (CVBD).
Containing of calcium and phosphorus in high digestible form and correct proportion provides intensive growth of bones that promoting higher average daily weight gain.


Concentrate is feed in combination with whole or flattened grains for calves at the age of 4-75 days in the following ratio: 
- Maize – 40 %
- Oats – 12,5%
- Barley – 12,5%
- Granufeed – 35 %      

Concentrate is feed in combination with grits or flattened grain for calves at the age of 76-180 days in the following ratio: 
- Cereals (maize, oats, wheat, triticale, rye) – 75 %
- Granufeed – 25 %

Feeding of this mixture is carried out by giving sufficient product quantity before the moment of consumption 2,5-3 kg for replacement stock and without restrictions for fattening. In the beginning of training to the mixture eating is recommended to strew it over with used in feeding dry milk replacer.

In the period of grain and Granufeed mixture giving is necessary to provide calves with free access to water.