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25 or 30 kg in multilayer paper bag with PE inlet.


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


Feed prophylactic energy concentrate KORMIX K EN/SZ 50% for cows and fattening young stock is a homogeneous free-flowing product, consists of:dairy products – 50% and fractionated rumen protected vegetable fat – 50%.


1 kg of dry powder  KORMIX K EN/SZ 50% contains

Moisture 2,5%                                      
Dry matter 97,5%
Metabolizable energy 21,5MJ
Crude protein 7,0%
Crude fat (rumen protected) 48,7%
Fatty acid composition of crude fat %
        Palmitic acid (С16:0) 78,5%
        Stearic acid (С18:0) 3,5%
        Oleic acid (С18:1) 14%
        Linoleic acid (С18:2) 2,9%
        Arachidonic acid (С20:0) 0,1%
Calcium 0,5%
Phosphorus 0,31%



Two types of energy sources are included in the prophylactic concentrate  KORMIX K EN/SZ 50% fast one - milk sugars, and slow one – fractionated rumen protected vegetable fat, the melting temperature of which is above 50 ° C, that prevents its destruction under the influence of rumen microflora.

High containing of "protected" vegetable fat enables, without affecting the rumen microflora, to increase the energy content in the diet, thereby solving the problem of negative energy balance in the animal's body during lactation.

High containing of palmitic acid C16: 0 not requiring biotransformation in the liver and can be directly used by cells of the mammary gland epithelium for the synthesis of milk fat, makes possible to reduce the development of fatty liver syndrome and increase the fat content of milk by 0.1 - 0.4% .

High containing of protected unsaturated fatty acids (С18: 1, С18: 2) stimulates reproductive function of cows, and in particular, coming of early signs of oestrus; promotes increase of the follicle size, leading to more obvious show of oestrus; contributes to the luteinization after ovulation, which helps to save the embryo. All these indicators improve the efficiency of cow insemination and lead to the decrease of the service period by 10-20 days.

Containing of milk sugar in the product enables quickly to bring up the sugar level of the cow blood and thus, prevent the ketosis development of animals in the early lactation period.

Containing of dairy products in the concentrate stimulates feed intake and attracts animals to the fodder table providing the increase of dry matter intake in the diet, and thus, boost of productivity, ketosis prophylaxis, a decrease of the disease incidence after calving, a faster show of oestrus and the first ovulation.


Recommendations for use:

Feed prophylactic energy concentrate for cows and fattening young stock.


The concentrate is added to or over the total mixed ration in the following proportion:
• 2 weeks before calving 250-350 g/head/day;
• fed with water 10-20 L in the following proportion 800-1000 g/head at once after calving;
first 2-4 weeks after calving 800-1000 g/head/day;
• more than 30 days after calving 500-800 g/head/day.

The concentrate does not have adverse effects and complications if applied in accordance with the instruc-tion. Contraindications for use have not been found.  
Products of animal husbandry which were produced after applying of the concentrate in the recommended dosage can be used as food without restrictions. Withdrawal period is not required.