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500 grams batches of metalized polypropylene film.


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


ReeStabil contains: 

- Vitamins: А, D3, Е, В1, В12, С, Н
- Salts and chelates of trace elements: Cl, Cu, Zn
- Macronutrient salts: Ca, P, S, Na
- Energy components
- Prebiotic
- Natural attractants

Biological properties of ReeStabil

ReeStabil is intended for the cows in the first hours after calving.

Vitamin and mineral composition of the additive is selected taking into account increased physiological stress for cows, it ensures rapid recovery of the animal after parturition, reduces the risk of post-partum paresis and retained placenta.

Chelated micronutrients have high bioavailability, and that optimizes the endocrine and enzyme systems of the cow organism.

Salts of microelements in combination with prebiotic normalize the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; stimulate the development of symbiotic rumen microflora, which creates conditions for its normal operation; contributes to the high feed conversion in a postnatal period.

Vitamin D3 together with salts of calcium and phosphorus prevent hypocalcaemia and hypophosphatemia, prevents rumen acidosis.

Vitamins A, E, B1, B12, C and H stimulate the immune system and metabolic processes, possess antioxidant protection, prevent uterine subinvolution and retained placenta.

Energy components make up the energy deficit and negate the negative energy balance, prevent ketosis and postnatal paresis.

Due to the presence of natural attractants in ReeStabil, cows willingly drink the finished product up to 20 liters, without forced drenching that prevents a common complication in a postnatal period, as the dislocation abomasi and provides a good start to lactation.

Recommendations for use:

ReeStabil – water-soluble feed additive for cows after calving is a complex of biologically active substances, macro and micro elements, energy substrates, selected in a special ratio required for the cows in the first hours after calving.
Benefits of using ReeStabil:
- Provides a rapid recovery of cows after calving;
- Reduces the risk of post-partum paresis and retained placenta;
- Restores the energy deficit and eliminate negative energy balance;
- Prevents occurrence of acidosis and ketosis;
- Prevents the dislocation abomasi;
- Provides a good start of lactation;
- Increases milk production and quality of milk;
- Reduces the cost of veterinary and zootechnical service.


ReeStabil is used in the first hours after calving. Healing additive is used once at the rate of 500 grams per head. For weakened animals ReeStabil is recommended for 3 days at the rate of 500 grams per head per day.

Preparation: package content dissolve in 5 liters of clean, hot water. The resulting solution dilute with water at room temperature up to 15 liters. After calving, it is advisable not to give a cow to lick a calf but immediately to give to drink freshly prepared solution of ReeStabil.



From the point of view of cow physiology calving and after calving periods are the most difficult. At that moment various biochemical, endocrine, system changes take place in animal's body that requires realization of all metabolic resources.