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30 kg in multilayer paper bag with PE inlet


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


High containing of protein, which is protected against fermentation in rumen – more than 70% of protein which is protected against fermentation containing in the feed additive makes possible to reduce formation of ammonia in rumen, decrease pressure on liver, force intake of amino acids in organism and overcome negative protein balance in the beginning of lactation without consequences for health, increase productivity in the period of milk-yield development. 

Containing of probiotic (four series of bacteria) enables to prevent progression of acidosis in after calving period due to reduction of acid developments in rumen, enhances uptake of feed dry matter and improves its digestibility, that make possible more active to overcome energetic negative balance in the beginning of lactation and enhance milk cow productivity at once after calving.  The product reduces cases of ketosis after calving.

Containing of buffer-deoxidizing agents provides stability of rumen рН - that enables growth cellulose-fermenting bacteria in rumen, enhances digestion of forage (silage, haylage, hay), increases cows'  palatability more rapid after calving, enhances productivity.

Containing of magnesium stimulates epithelium of udder glandular tissue for milk production, enhances milk fat.

High containing of E vitamin – provides high immunity and animal health in the most crucial period – milk-yield development one, that makes possible to realize genetic potential of animals and save health in the first months of laсtation.  

Containing of zink-methionine provides udder health and preventive care of mastitis, reduces somatic cells score.

Containing of selenium-methionine and selenium cysteine provides antioxidant protect of organism cells, that gives hepatoprotective effect and reduces development of liver dystrophy and for this result compulsory slaughter of animals.  

Containing of calcium and phosphorus in high digestible form and right proportion provides high cathode-anion balance of diet without impact on rumen that favor to increasing of animals' productivity.

Recommendations for use:

TurboStart - protein cationic phylactic feed additive for milk-yield development group and high-producing cows.
The product contains protein which is protected against fermentation, four strains of probiotic bacteria, buffer-deoxidizing agents, macro-, microelements and vitamins which are necessary and important for implementation of high-effective milk-yield development.
Usage of this additive in the period of milk-yield development enables to increase cow productivity by 3-5 litres by the end milk-yield development.
In the following, cow which is got in the milk-yield development period this additive gives by 500-1000 litres of milk more within lactation than animal which is milk-yield developed without this one.


The product is added to forage mixture in the following proportion: 1000 g \ head within 1st month after calving, per day 700-900 g \ head within 2nd  month after calving, per day 500-700 g \ head within 3rd month and  300-400 g \ head within the following months.



This program makes possible to reduce the diseases incidence of animals with mastitis, endometritis and metabolic diseases, which have a direct impact on milk quality.