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500 g metallized polypropylene film bag, 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg plastic containers.


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


UltraLin – the feed additive for pigs in critical production periods, is a complex of biologically active substances: amino acids, vitamins, chelated microelements, which are selected in a special ratio for replacements gilts, sows, piglets and boars, which are in the active phase of reproduction.

UltraLin feed additive contains:

• Vitamins: А, D3, Е, К3, В1, В2, В3, B4, В5, В6, В12, С, Н;
• Amino acids: lysine, threonine, methionine;
• Chelated compounds: Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe;  
• Selenomethionine, calcium;
• Filler: dextrose.

Basic quality indicators of UltraLin:

Vitamin A, mio IU/t 6700                  Vitamin С, g/t      5400
Vitamin D3, mio IU/t 53 Vitamin Н, g/t 55
Vitamin E, g/t 18000 Lysine, % 0,47
Vitamin К3, g/t 590 Threonine, % 0,29
Vitamin B1, g/t 440 Methionine, % 0,19
Vitamin В2, g/t 1600 Zinc, g/t 12500
Vitamin В3, g/t 4000 Copper, g/t 800
Vitamin В4, g/t 7650 Manganese, g/t 3200
Vitamin В5, g/t 5400 Iron, g/t 7500
Vitamin В6, g/t 950 Selenium, g/t 30
Vitamin В12, g/t 20 Calcium, % 29,1
Vitamin Вс, g/t 1500

Appearance of UltraLin feed additive is a light yellow, homogeneous powder with a fragrant specific odor.

UltraLin does not contain genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and other substances that limit sale of the obtained meat products.  

Recommendations for use:

UltraLin is intended for sows in the final period of gestation. The composition of the feed additive is selected taking into account the increased physiological load on the sow body that enables normal farrowing pro-cess, birth of viable and strong young stock and good lactation. Microelements in the chelated form and vitamins have high bioavailability that optimizes work of the endo-crine system and ensures rapid involution of uterus and restoration of the sexual cycle. Application of UltraLin before insemination and at the beginning of gestation promotes correct formation of the embryo and its further development. UltraLin is recommended to use for replacement gilts for effective mating and good gestation development. UltraLin application for boars makes possible to improve their reproductive indicators and prolong the period of operation. Also it is possible additional usage as preventive measures for stress during veteri-nary interventions, for prevention of liver pathology, piglet anemia, hypovitaminosis.


UltraLin is used on the basis of 30 g (one measuring spoon) per head / day by mixing with the basic feed.

Sows: during 5 days before farrowing, during 5 days after weaning, within 5 days 1-2 days before insemination, from 3 to 8 days after insemination.

Replacement gilts: during 5 days every 3 week till the determination of gestation.

Boars: 5 days every 3 week, or during 5 days before mating.

Piglets up to 4 month of age: 10 g peг head/day, 5 days every 3 week, or according to indications.

Piglets on fattening from 4 month of age: 30 g per head/day, 5 days every 3 week, or according to indications.

It is not allowed to use the additive with foreign smells, impurities, mold, discoloration, in case of package integrity violation and the absence of labels.


Really necessary support of pigs in critical reproduction periods

The complete feeding of sows connected directly with providing of animals by mineral substances and vitamins.

UltraLin - development of the genetic potential of sows

UltraLin enables to enhance effectively reproductive indicators of sows, boars and gilts, strengthen viability of newborn piglets, increase their weight gain and development.