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30 kg in multilayer paper bag with PE inlet


Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus


High containing of anions (chloride and sulphur)   provides negative cathode-anion balance, that in the following favor to animal recovery and enhancement of palatability in postnatal period. It reduces the period of energy and protein negative balance after calving. 

Containing of probiotic (four species of bacteria)  enables  to prevent progression of acidosis in after -calving period due to reduction of acid developments in rumen, enhances uptake of forage dry matter and improves its digestibility, that make possible more active to overcome negative energetic balance in the beginning of lactation and enhance milk cow productivity at once after calving.  The product reduces cases of ketosis after calving.

Containing of calcium in high digestible form provides animals by supplemental calcium which is necessary for normal uterus involution in the period of calving, reduces cases of retained placenta and after calving torpidity.

Containing of magnesium in high digestible form reduces excitability of nervous system and provides less stresses to cow in the period of calving.  

Balanceness of vitamins, macro- micro elements adjusted for the latest nutrition norms in the USA (NRC), France (INRA) and the Netherlands (CVBD).

Negative cathode-anion balance provides preparing to uptake of macro elements containing in forages in the after calving period. It keeps electrolytic balance in cow's organism, also reduces culling of cows in the after calving period.

Recommendations for use:

VitaAnion - anionic phylactic feed additive for dry cow within 2-3 weeks before calving.
The product contains complexes and macro elements, which enable to prepare a cow to calving, provides uptake of cations in postnatal period that make possible to recover more active cathode-anion balance after calving.
It stimulates animals, also improves palatability during postnatal period.
It reduces nonproductive culling of cows by 20-50% in postnatal period.


The product is added to or over forage mixture in the following proportion: per day 500-800 g \ head within 14-21 days before calving.



This program makes possible to reduce the diseases incidence of animals with mastitis, endometritis and metabolic diseases, which have a direct impact on milk quality.