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High-tech production
of animal feed

The 10th Anniversary All-Belarusian Forum of Livestock Breeders

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Small ruminants

New generation products

wide range of feeds and feed additives

offering products for various types of animals and poultry

best formula for increasing animal productivity

using effective components only

unique self-developed products

investing in the newest feeding technologies

Consulting service

Highly-skilled professionals consult in the area of nutrition and veterinary

Technology processes audit

Prompt solution to customer problems

Livestock productivity indicators improvement

Recommendations for planning of livestock business further development

Proven quality

High technology production

1. Fine grinding and particle size distribution monitoring technology

Fine grinding and particle size distribution monitoring technology

Mixing up to 140 components with a high degree homogenity

Production modes automatic control system

De heus
Производственная мощность
Производственная мощность
Производственная мощность

Accredited laboratory

  • Feed analysis on more than 250 indicators
  • Multilevel quality control
  • Modern test methods. Testing with the express-analyzer
  • Full supporting documentation