Company structure

The main activity of Biocom Ltd. is the production and sale of feeds, feed additives and specialized products for farm animals and poultry.

Agricultural branch named as “Mizherechi” (Grodno region) specializes in the manufacture of plant and animal products.

  • Manufacture
  • Branch "Mizherechi"

The production complex of Biocom Ltd. is situated in Grodno and includes four units:

  • - plant on the feed additives, milk replacers for farm animals and poultry
  • - grain drying complex, intended for cleaning, sorting and drying of grain
  • - workshop on the silage inoculants and feed additives production
  • - plant on the feed additives and concentrates for farm animals and poultry

Biocom’s plant on milk replacers and feed additives for farm animals and poultry provides output of high quality domestic products of new generation: whole milk replacers for calves and piglets, skimmed milk powder replacers for farm animals and poultry, concentrates for milk replacer production.

Technical level of the plant is unique for CIS countries. Belgian automatic filling line packs up to 10 t of finished products per 1 hour, production volume is up to 70 thousand t of products per 1 year.

In 2012 grain drying complex, intended for post harvesting processing of grains, grain legumes, oil seeds and other crops with bringing them to the basic conditions was launched by our company.

Performance of the key process equipment – 60 t/h, the complex designed for storage of 20 000 t with subsequent possibility to increase the storage volume up to 45 000 t of grain.

The hallmark of the grain drying complex is the full automation of the production processes, usage of advanced procedures of post harvesting processing and grain storage.

The workshop on the silage inoculant and feed additive manufactures high quality silage inoculants for silage preparation (silage, haylage and rolled grain) as well as specialized feed additives for efficient breeding of farm animals and poultry. The workshop performance is 1000 kg of finished product per day.

The plant on the feed additives and concentrates for farm animals and poultry is equipped with the modern German facility enables to produce hygienic, good structured, homogeneous feeds with high level of nutrients digestibility.

Capacity of the plant main line is 20 t/h, line of highly concentrated vitamin mineral mixtures - 2,5 t/h.

The product formulas calculation is implemented on the base of advanced foreign scientific developments and actual experience in the area of animal nutrition and diseases prophylaxis.

Agricultural branch on the base of the bought agricultural productive co-operative named as Mizherichi of Grodno region was created in 2016.

The main activities of the branch are:

  • • manufacture of crop products (cereals, rapeseeds);
  • • manufacture of animal products (milk, beef).

Currently stage-by-stage reconstruction of existing livestock buildings and the construction of new commercial dairy farm for 610 heads of dairy herd are being implemented.