Company profile

Biocom Ltd. is a leading agricultural company existing on the Belarusian market over 30 years.

Key principles of the company are perfect quality and full safety of products, high requirements to the client service, innovative production and prompt response to the agro-industrial requests.

Currently Biocom company offers domestic and foreign agricultural producers a wide-range of products:

  • - whole milk replacers;
  • - skimmed milk powder replacers;
  • - concentrates for milk replacer and skimmed milk powder replacer production;
  • - compound feeds and feed additives;
  • - silage inoculants;
  • - specialized products for animal husbandry.

Agricultural branch named as “Mizherechi” specializes in the manufacture of plant and animal products.

  • Company history
  • Mission and values
  • Policy
  • Social responsibility

Biocom company has a long development history from small company supplying pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations to one of the leading Belarusian manufacturers of feeds and feed additives for farm animals and poultry.

1992 year – supplying activity of pharmaceutical, veterinary and feed products to the developing agricultural market of the Republic of Belarus.

2008 year – Biocom was among the first in Belarus who started to produce whole milk replacers and feed additives at a whole new level. The innovative technology enables to input up to 140 components and obtain product with 99,8% homogeneity level. The manufacture is certified under the quality management system on the base of STB ISO 9001-2009 principles.

2009 year – the manufacture was certified under the international product quality and safety management system НАССР.

2010 year – Biocom company successfully obtained certification on the compliance to the GMP+B2 standards (high control level of raw materials and finished products) and STB 18001-2009 (occupational safety and health management system).

2012 year – the grain drying complex, intended for cleaning, sorting and drying of grain, was launched.

2013 year – the production of dried silage inoculants applied for the feed preparation (silage, haylage and rolled grain) started for the first time in the Republic of Belarus.

2014 year – plant on the feed additives and concentrates for farm animals, poultry and fish with the productive capacity 20 t per hour was put into the service.

2016 year – agricultural branch on the base of the bought agricultural productive co-operative named as Mizherechi of Grodno region was created. Currently stage-by-stage reconstruction of existing livestock buildings and a new dairy complex with a capacity of 610 heads of dairy herd was put into operation.


To create high-tech innovative products for agriculture, thus providing high quality level of population life and supplying the greatest possible environmental impact reduction, natural resources management in the activities.



We act by common efforts of company staff, partners and other representatives of external environment, using our knowledge and support of each other for creation of the best products for our customers.

We accept and observe corporate business culture and take our responsibilities seriously.

We always provide cooperation and mutual support to our clients, partners and company’s staff.


We believe in the honest and clear fulfillment of the contractual obligations by partners.

We are open for the cooperation, data interchange, delegation of power and responsibilities within the company.


We constantly aim to expand the range of manufactured competitive products, which meet current needs of our customers.

We focus on the job creation for increasing population well-being.


We constantly strive for improving of company performance indicators.

We provide employees opportunity to upgrade professional skills.

We are keen to the application of new and innovative cost effective raw components, technologies and production methods, management and cooperation with partners.


Capable staff which aim to the increasing company performance indicators is empowered by management responsibilities.

We seek to be a leader on the market.


We offer products with knowingly high quality and safety, information concerning application and use results.

We ensure the safety of company’s employees and visitors in compliance with the labor protection requirements.

We use production methods saving or improving environmental conditions, which are harmless for human and animal health.


We build reliable partnership with all stakeholders.

We always fulfil contractual obligations.


We focus on the high rate of work results of each employee and enterprise entirely.

We manufacture high quality and safety products. This is reflected in the conformity to the international standards and approved by the official certification bodies.


We have created and develop own traditions and company’s value system constantly.

We aim to respect cultural traditions when interacting with our customers, partners and other external representatives as well as with company’s employees.


We appreciate our national heritages.

We strive to promote Belarusian culture among customers, partners and company’s employees.

We use the Belarusian culture elements for promotion of our brand and for company’s national identity.

Policy in the field of quality, safety and environmental management

Policy Biocom

Biocom Ltd. is keen to contribute to the creation of conditions for society’s well-being. Biocom confirms its commitment to the social responsibility principle by both the quality of products, business processes and the support of employees and their families, different events and organizations.

Key principles of Biocom company in this area are:

1. Social protection and increasing the competence level of employees.

Efficient work of employees is the main guarantee for the success that’s why Biocom creates best favorable conditions for staff work. Human resources strategy enables to develop the management capacity in all organization departments, training and recruitment of skilled staff.

Biocom provides fair and decent remuneration for work, staff motivation and development, recognition and respect, career and personnel growth.

2. Charity.

Biocom Ltd. always finds ways to provide charity support both separate persons and organizations – budget and public ones. Company invests to the city infrastructure, culture, education, medicine and sport, promoting positive changes in the society.

3. Environmental safety of production.

Biocom Ltd. pays great attention to careful and sustainable use of natural resources. Environmental friendly technological processes, enabling safety and stability, are used at the enterprise. Environmental department of the company carries out daily control of the production, provided application of energy-saving and resource efficient technologies and equipment.